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[FREE] Perfect Metabolism Plan : Restore Your Ener

Sara Vance,: Perfect Metabolism Plan : Restore Your Energy and Reach Your Ideal Weight

Perfect Metabolism Plan : Restore Your Energy and Reach Your Ideal Weight


Millions of us have counted calories until we're blue in the face. We've cut fat, eaten less, and exercised more--and we're still heavier than we want to be. Or we lose the weight, only to see it creep back up. It's frustrating, discouraging, and unhealthy! In Sara Vance's "The Perfect Metabolism Plan," you'll learn that this inability to stay at a healthy weight is not about willpower and it's not your fault! Your metabolism needs a reboot.When your metabolism is out of whack, your willpower, hunger hormones, insulin, and cravings all work against you. And you not only can't lose weight, you tend to feel foggy, sluggish, or generally unwell. But worry no more. "The Perfect Metabolism Plan" will show you how to reset and reboot your metabolism through 10 keys. You'll also find a bonus chapter of metabolism hacks, plus over 50 recipes and a workable plan for putting it all into action.The 10 Keys to a Perfect Metabolism: Break Up with Sugar - balance blood sugarFix Your Fats - eat healthy fats, avoid harmful onesHeal Your Gut - boost digestion and balance gut bacteriaIdentify Food Intolerances - foods that could make you foggy, fatigued, sick, and fatLose the Toxins - in foods, household products, body care products, etc.Put Out the Fire - reduce inflammationStop the Madness - lower stressDitch the Convenience Foods (even the so-called healthy ones) - key nutrients for the metabolismHydrate! - Dehydration is making us sick and fatExercise Smarter (not harder) - the right and wrong kind of exercise for the metabolismPlus Metabolism Hacks - some tricks of the trade to hijack the metabolism and kick it into gear.

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Author: Sara Vance,
Number of Pages: 288 pages
Published Date: 31 Mar 2015
Publisher: Conari Press,U.S.
Publication Country: Berkeley, CA, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781573246439
Download Link: Click Here

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