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The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book : Help and Advice

Tessa Buckley,: The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book : Help and Advice for This Chronic Condition

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book : Help and Advice for This Chronic Condition


Multiple sclerosis affects an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide, 400,000 in the US, and 85,000 in the UK. MS is different from other neurological disorders in that there is some scientific evidence that diet may improve the condition, and add to quality of life. This book looks at how a low-fat diet and the popular Best Bet Diet may improve the health of those with MS. There is also an anti-Candida diet for the extensive numbers of people who suffer both MS and Candida. These diets may also help those with autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Hughes syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes. Topics covered include: detailed advice on foods to avoid, and why; which foods you should eat; ensuring you obtain enough nutrients; food intolerance; food supplements; practical advice on overcoming problems such as fatigue and disability while preparing food; and, extensive recipe selection and sample menus.

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Author: Tessa Buckley,
Number of Pages: 128 pages
Published Date: 01 Apr 2007
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780859699877
Download Link: Click Here

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